Project General Orange "Sound Duel"

Musicians fight under project with sound gear on public space.
Audience chooses winner by throwing coins on scales.
The amout of coins will be donated for good purpose.
For example donated to organization for victims of domestic violence.
1999 Yuji Yasunaga came to Germany and studied until 2006 european ethnology. During his student days he had some activities as musician. 2006 he begann to create sound gear at first in Yokohama (JP). He came back to his home Okayama (JP) and met with Danjuro Nagai (passed away 2010) for first time. Danjuro helped sound gear creating for first phase of project. He had worked as technical teacher in a school. Summer 2007 Yuji created "characters" with sound gear and organized with his best friend the first sound duel. After this he came back to Germany and contenued to create character and sound gear.
Yuji Yasunaga created 11 characters and 16 sound gears. 5 characters of them are active today. (status: 2020)